Data Direct Networks

Extreme Storage for Extreme Performance

TRecipient of multiple awards, including Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Media Storage Innovation of the Year and HPCWire’s Best Product and Technology of the Year, the S2A9900 is the pinnacle of DDN S2A technology and is designed to thrive in throughput-intensive environments, with scalable capacity unrivaled in the industry.

Developed over a decade of global deployments, our Silicon Storage Architecture, S2A, is a purpose-built architecture utilizing custom FPGAs with extreme levels of intelligence, designed to solve the data infrastructure problems that others simply can’t. The S2A9900 is a purpose-built data infrastructure platform encompassing the S2A state machine architecture and advanced software that is specifically optimized for throughput-intensive applications, enabling clients to seamlessly adapt to the transition to all-digital content, manage the unmitigated explosion of unstructured data and deploy a centralized Cloud Computing architecture.

The S2A9900 enables clients to run multiple applications simultaneously in parallel, whereas competitors force clients to run applications sequentially, costing more time, more money, and more management personnel. The S2A9900 is a technically elegant data infrastructure platform that cost- effectively provides extreme performance and capacity, managing 2.4PB in only two floor tiles and delivering sustained, real-time throughput per appliance of up to 6 GB/s for both writes and reads. This S2A platform provides the performance and capacity headroom to scale as bandwidth and files continue to grow while providing real-time data integrity checking, error correction and intelligent drive failure recovery without degrading performance.

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