The market for surveillance and reconnaissance, military mission management, platform, self-protection and network-enabled capabilities is addressed by a business based on sensors and subsystems together with equipments like military mission systems, digital map generators, data link systems, radars and missile warning and jamming systems. The range includes:

  • WAN optimization solutions
  • Application acceleration
  • IT consolidation
  • Enterprise wide network and application visibility
  • Greater productivity
  • Cost savings by making IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive.
  • Managed services through select providers.
  • Application acceleration
  • WAN optimization
  • Wide area file services (WAFS)
  • QoS and traffic shaping
  • Web caching
  • Manage, Secure, and Optimize the Performance and Availability of Business Services
  • Combines visibility into end-to-end application delivery dependencies with Network Behavior Analysis (NBA).

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