Lampertz is the complete supplier and market leader for modular physical IT security solutions. Our customers can select the safety standard they require from a wide range of solutions.

From FSIT (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology)-standard basic protection to high-availability solutions – we will supply just the right solution to the level you require – of course, with the experience provided by the market leader for modular IT security, comprehensively tested and certified by an independent body.

The solution package comprises a complete programme of holistic security and infrastructure solutions for your systems and data:

  • IT security rooms for your server equipment and computer centers
  • Flexible infrastructure (e.g., UPS and air conditioning systems) for existing computer centers
  • Status checks and safety analyses
  • Modular safes for compact server and storage rack solutions
  • Media safes for your back-ups
  • Fire-resistant infrastructure for your electrical distributors and cable ducts
  • Modular furniture systems for your technology, production facilities, and the office

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